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Roko NG6 for rent
CTSW  for rent
Cessna150  for rent
Cessna 172 SP  for rent
Diamond DA40  for rent
Cirrus SR22  for rent
Cessna 206  for rent

Currently we are looking for Cirrus, Cessna 182 or Cessna 210 as operator

If you own an airplane, we offer you a possibility to take care of it as an operator at Letnany airport and to secure financial income from its operation
More about operation of aircraft

Operation of aircraft for their owners

We offer you a possibility to take care of it as an operator at Letnany airport and to secure financial income from its operation.

Aircraft operation in category GA & ULL

For many years we ensure the operation of aircraft for individuals and legal entities, that want their airplane to be taken care of professionally  and even not to be only parked in hangar but also to make a profit

We provide for owners everything, so they can fly without any obligations

  1. Parking of aircraft in hangar at LKLT
  2. Optimization of landing fees
  3. Optimization of fuel costs
  4. Time saving regarding maintenance and care of airplane (overflights and communication with CAMO organization)
  5. Cheaper group insurance of aircraft
  6. Cheaper aircraft parts to replace (we are buying big ammount of supplies couple of times per year from USA)
  7. Frequent checks and aircraft cleanings
  8. Documentation administration and communication with CAA
  9. Installations of loggers for review and on line flight tracking on Internet (tablet)
  10. Frequent check of system's logs of aircraft (G1000 or EDM monitoring)and report sending

Financial income aircraft's operation

After agreement we will use the aircraft under conditions for flights around Europe , sightseeing flights, training flights optionally renting to another pilots. Usage of aircrafts depends on agreement between operator and owner.

Currently we are in priority looking for:

  1. Cirrus SR22
  2. Diamond DA42
  3. Cessna 210
  4. Cessna 172/182

Please contact us on tel.: +420 775 365 320

Requirements and more information

Martin Kuba
tel.: 775 365 320

Cessna 172
Cessna 210
Cessna 206
Cirrus SR22

EASA approved training organization

We fly from Praha Letňany Airport (terminal station, metro C)  Metro C Letňany

Opportunity to fly from Prague - Letňany this is an excellent opportunity to save time by not having to drive to an airport outside Prague. The airport is close to the Letňany metro C terminal station.

Call phone number +420 775 585 995 for reservations and information.

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