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Sight-seeing and scenic flights in Prague

We are a group of professional pilots who invite you on the Prague and Czech Republic sight-seeing from a bird's eyeview. We realize all the flights by request and we are able to ensure them for you until the second day after a phone booking. Choose and we are already looking forward to meet you…

Book today on +420 775 585 995 and fly tomorrow. Pick up from your hotel and back.

Scenic flight of Karlštejn

Scenic flight of Karlštejn

40 minutes flight for 3 persons
260 €


Airplane Pilot Experience

Airplane Pilot Experience

30 minutes flight for 3 people
260  €


Flying tour to Karlovy Vary

Flying tour to Karlovy Vary

Flight for 3 people
Price 710 €


Flying tour over the Alps

Helicopter flights

Prague Helicopter Flights
Price 695 €


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Roko NG rental
Cessna 150
Cessna 172 Garmin 1000
CTSW price
Daimond DA40
Cessna 172 SP
Cirrus SR 22 Cessna 206
Cirrus SR22T price

EASA approved training organization

We fly from Praha Letňany Airport (terminal station metro C)  Metro C Letňany

Oportunity to fly from Prague – Letňan this is an excellent opportunity to save time by not having to drive to an airport outside Prague. The airport is close to the Letňany metro C terminal station.

Call phone number +420 775 585 995 for reservations and information.

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